TIA (This Is Africa)

TIA (This Is Africa)

I came around with TIA on my first day at the field in southern Swaziland. (I had been in Africa a week or so.) It was a very hot day. Me and two other student were were brought onto a site to see fooddistribution. With us there were the loval community and one staff member from the NGO we were with (but he was behind closed doors doing HIv-testing and counseling). And we waited. We waited for hours and had no idea what was going on. We had some water with us so we could drink. We even had some food but we didn’t dare to eat in the middle of those people who were waitting for the fooddistribution. We waited there about five hours and finally that foodtruck came (they had had some problems with the truck). They got the fooddistribution going on and then some one decided that it was time to us get back. On our way back to a site office we stopped to meet a women’s saving group. There one of the NGO staff members asked how our day had been. We told about it and he laught and said: This is Africa.

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