Celebrate the Women!


Manzini, Swaziland

2008 International Women’s Day was celebrated in a big way in Swaziland. Local NGO’s had united their forces and made a big event in Manzini. A main focus was aimed to grandmothers who had become (and still are) the backbone of families because of HIV epidemic. Many children in Swaziland have lost their parent(s) because of HIV/AIDS and grandmothers have had to take care of them even thought the allready have raised their own children and might be sick themselves.

The event was interesting. It started in a morning with a march through the city and continued at Manzini Trade Fair Ground. There were speeches ofcourse but also food and music. Swaziland’s most popular gospel choir Mduduzi Nezinceku Zamagawugawu Gospel Choir (What a name! Try to pronounce it correct.) was performing and that was something you can’t see anywhere but in Africa.

I was happy to be a part of all that and show my support to the women and especially grandmothers of Swaziland. All the work women do at home should be recognized.



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