Inspired by You (and Africa Of Course)

For this post I got inspired by Alison Nicholls who wrote about the circumstances how she became an artist (it’s story that includes Africa). Along with photographing I also love to paint and do different kind of art projects as my hobby. Many times my source of inspiration is Africa. Or it would be if I’d be able to get my art done. I have many ideas and I have done preparations for some projects but the actual painting or what ever the project requires awaits. I have been able to finish two paintings since 2009 but now I haven’t painted in three years. I would love to paint but some how I’m not able to start. When I just would get started I’m sure I would also get finished. So I need to work with that starting thing. But let’s get back to the inspiration.

In Africa a part of the inspiration comes from the nature and animals and a part comes from the people. But I’m also inspired by presumptions, visions and images that non-African people have about Africa. In my art as in my blog I want to shake those a little bit and open new perspectives. That’s why I would like you (if you are not African) to answer a question: What comes first to your mind when some one mentions Africa? If you are African please answer to this: To what kind of assumptions about Africa you have bumped into?

+IMG_5958 IMG_5968

3 thoughts on “Inspired by You (and Africa Of Course)

  1. This is a wonderful post! I also love the pictures you posted in previous posts. Africa is a place that is so misunderstood and I am one of the people that doesn’t understand it. I think that most people (myself included) assume Africa is a scary dangerous place with extreme poverty everywhere. It doesn’t help that my experience with Africa comes from movies like Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda. I can’t wait to read the truth about these misconceptions.


    • I don’t think I have the truth about Africa in my possession. Actually I don’t think there is one truth about Africa at all. There is just the people and the land and the stories. That’s why I have chosen to tell stories. Those stories I tell are just a littele piece of Africa (as my blogs name may tell).

      Yet you mentioned some movies. There is that kind of Africa too. Luckily it’s not all what Africa is.


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