Liebster It Is Again


I got nominated by Karen and Lyra.Thank you ladies! As I have done this before twice (take a look in here and here) I’ll keep this short and just answer the questions.

Here are the questions from Karen:

  1. How would you describe yourself? Creative introvert.
  2. What is your favorite food, and why? Pasta Carbonara. I just love Italian food.
  3. If you could spend the day with anyone, who would that person be? There is so many options but I would choose Desmond Tutu. I would love to hear about his faith and everything else.
  4.  What is your favorite movie, and who is your favorite actor? The actor is easy. It’s Gabriel Byrne. For the movie there is many options but I would go for The Velvet Goldmine.
  5.  What do you do in your spare time? I watch TV, ride horses and try to do some art.
  6.  If you were an car, what kind of a car would you be, and how would you accessorize it? I would be a classic Ford T.
  7.  If you could travel to anywhere, and I mean anywhere, where would you travel to, and how long would you stay? Naturally the answer is Africa. I would stay there at least a year.
  8.  What puts a smile on your face faster than anything else? When I see people being kind to each other (and I don’t mean people being kind to me).
  9.  If you could go back in time, where would want to be and why? I would probably stay just here.
  10. What do you love about blogging, and how have you grown from it? When I see that people are interested in what I have to say.
  11. Is there any one thing that means something so special to you that you consider a good luck piece? No, I don’t think so.

And here are the questions from Lyra:

  1. What time is it where you’re at? Nearly two o’clock in the afternoon.
  2. What did you want to become when you were 6? I have no idea.
  3. Describe your best friend in three words! Beautiful, lively, helpful.
  4. What has been your biggest challenge in life so far? Living with myself.
  5. Are you happy? Yes I am.
  6. Do you have allergies? Yes.
  7. What is your favorite dish? Pasta Carbonara again.
  8. You’re in an amusement park: what ride are you afraid of? Really big and modern rollercoaster.
  9. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
  10. Describe your first kiss! It was a nice kiss with a nice guy.
  11. What is the first thing you think about when I say / write “Belgium”? Chocolate.

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