Fire! Or Bushfire to be Precise

In Swaziland there is a big outdoor musicfestival called Bushfire in the end of may. First of all the place where the festival is held is the amazing House On Fire. The place itself is a worth of seeing. It’s like from a fairytale with imaginative sculptures and other stuff.

During  three days they have a great setting of international and local artists, bands and other performers. Most of the performers are from Swaziland, South Africa and Zimbabwe but there is also groups from e.g. Switzerland, Japan and Colombia. This year they have two artists/performers I’ve seen before: Pelepele Cultural Group and Bholoja. Both of them are from Swaziland and they are very good or maybe I should say excellent. Bholoja has a great song Zero to Hero. You should check it out. And if you are in Southern Africa in the end of the month go to Bushfire. If I’d be in Southern Africa I’d go there right away.

My African Playlist – Part 1


I would like to introduce to you some intresting singers and bands from Africa that I have come across with. Hope you enjoy this small tour to African (mostly South African) music.

Youssou N’dour (Senegal) was the first African singer whose song I’ve ever heard. I guess that same applies to many other Europeans born in 1980’s. The song was of course 7 seconds which he had recorded with Neneh Cherry. That beautiful song was a part of my childhood.

Maybe the most well known South African artist is Miriam Makeba aka Mama African. She made a career in United States and sang at John F. Kennydy’s birthdayparty.  Her fight against apartheid cost her a passport and citizenship. She couldn’t go back home South Africa for thirty years. Pata Pata is her best known song.

Durban (South Africa) based group of DJs – DJ Sox, Smallz, DJ Bobo and DJ Menace – released Money Maker in 2008 and it sold platinum in South Africa. I’m not so in to housemusic myself but this song brings to my mind my co-workers 4-year old twins who used to sing the chorus and dance to the beat. They made it so cute way. Because of great memories this is on my playlist.

My personal favorite is South African Johnny Clegg. I have seen his liveshow once and it was fantastic. I danced every song even though I hadn’t heard any of them before. Johnny Clegg is a singer and a songwriter born in England. He has lived most of his life (from the childhood) in Africa. He combines Western and African rythms intrestingly and sings in English, Zulu, France and Afrikaans. Before solo career he made music with two bands: Juluka and Savuka. During the apartheid era mixed race bands like those were not approved in South Africa but they still managed to find they audience. Here’s few great songs from Johnny Clegg: Great Heart, Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World and The Crossing.