Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Kuva 182+mv


This beautiful rock with rough texture you may find from Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary in Swaziland.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’



Now I’m cheeting a little bit. This photo is taken by my husband. We got engaged five years ago in this river in Pine Valley. The place is absolutely beautiful. We got there during schoolholiday and there where children playing in the river. Actually the river was their water slide. Isn’t all that summer lovin’?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Victoria Falls Bridge (Wordless Wednesday)


Between Zambia and Zimbabwe there is a railway bridge called Victoria Falls Bridge. This magnificent bridge was built 1904-1905 and at that time it was the highest bridge in the world! Bridge was built in England and shipped in parts to Africa. It was supposed to be a part of Cape to Cairo railway enterprise. That project was never finished. Anyway I think it’s a real beauty.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Behind the Bookshelf

Few years ago my husband and I stayed two nights on Bovu Island. There lives a couple who offers simple accomodation to travellers. In the evening it’s possible to enjoy a hot meal in an open living/dining room. There we had some extra company from genets which are living on the island. Genets came to see if they could have got any treats from the table.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

sekalaisia 134


Would you like to have a bathroom that’s airy, plain and lush? Here’s one for you!

This formerly very fancy bathroom belongs to an abandoned house which I have introduced to you already in my earlier posts here, here and here. (That last one is my own favorite.) Everything usable has been taken including the piping inside the walls. Only tiles are left. But aren’t they quite pretty? I swear that this bathroom has been luxurious when it was built.

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