Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

SKuva 343


Africa itself is an adventure to me so I could say this is an adventure in an adventure. And this adventure I have taken twice! I’m talking about climbing to Sibebe. It’s the second biggest solid rock after Uluru (Ayers Rock). Unfortunatelyit dosen’t look as astonishing as Uluru because it’s coverd with dirt and rocks. But anyway I have taken the hike up there two times because the view is amazing. It takes two and half hours to climb up and two hours back. ThisĀ  photo is taken half way up. Yeah! Still one hour to go!

More adventures!


One Reason Why I Love Africa

One reason why I love Africa

Mbabane, Swaziland
This painting-like image I have taken from a backyard of Sibebe View Cottages (a nice little B&B) towards Pine Valley. And this is why I love Africa. This indescribable beauty takes my breath away. The softness of the hills and evening sun. What else I could say?