Unexpected Rainforest

Mosi oa Tunya/ Victoria Falls, Zambia

While visiting the falls I didn’t expect a lush rainforest because it was a dry season. But I should have known better. Going down to the second gorge to see the falls from the riverbank we walked through a beautiful and lush rainforest. Everywhere else the nature was dry and brown but down there the falls and Zambezi river gave so much moisture that the forest was very much alive.

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How to Get a Fridge on a Small Island in Zambezi River?

How to get a fridge on a small island in Zambezi River?

The answer to the title’s question is ofcourse mokoro. Mokoro is a canoe-type of boat made out of one piece of wood. To the Bovu Island where I spend two nights with my husband everything was brought in a mokoro. Food, people, mattresses, generator, toilet seats… Seriously. Everything.