Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Kuva 465

Cape Town, South Africa

Near Cape Town dock there is several old ships on a dryland. I have no idea will those ships sail ever again. Maybe some of those will. Others are probably just getting rust and waiting for their final destination. To me their are relics.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Humans have domesticated many animals. Still there is many more animals that haven’t been submitted to humans. It’s much much more common to see some one riding a horse than a zebra. (Yes, riding a zebra happens.) In this picture the contrast is between domesticated animals (a horse) and wild animals (zebras and a warthog).


Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Victoria Falls Bridge (Wordless Wednesday)


Between Zambia and Zimbabwe there is a railway bridge called Victoria Falls Bridge. This magnificent bridge was built 1904-1905 and at that time it was the highest bridge in the world! Bridge was built in England and shipped in parts to Africa. It was supposed to be a part of Cape to Cairo railway enterprise. That project was never finished. Anyway I think it’s a real beauty.

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